The Restaurant litter (16.11.2011)

Amorgos Frosty Rose
IC S*Birmastan's Amorgos
SBI n21 (seal tabby point)
Date of birth 14.6.2008
S*Sacred Heart's Frosty Rose
SBI c (lilac)
Date of birth 8.12.2009
IC S*Birmastan's Amorgos has mated with S*Sacred Heart's Frosty Rose, and two kittens were born on November, 16.
Inbreeding 2,96% in nine generations
NameGenderColorQualityFor sale
Kalle på SpångenMaleLilac tabby (SBI c21)Show, breedingSold
Hemma hos JuliaFemaleBlue tabby (SBI a21)BreedingSold


Kalle is lilac tabby

After some discussions with Ingegerd Alm, who is about to buy Kalle, we have agreed that he is lilac tabby rather than chocolate tabby. His pedigree has been updated accordingly.


Julia was reserved today

Julia was reserved today, she will move to Suzanne Fors in Stockholm.


Kalle was reserved today

Kalle Julia

Kalle and Julia

Ingegerd Alm (Almgrynet's cattery in Gävle) reserved Kalle today. She intends to show him and use him for breeding.

Kalle and Julia both are very good-looking. Their weights at seven weeks were 840 and 804 grams, making them our heaviest kittens so far, which isn't too surprising since they have a very healthy appetite.

The other news for today was their first bath. They were both rather cool, especially Kalle. We didn't even have to hold him, he calmly stood in the water watching us during the bath. He also accepted the hairdryer, as did his sister.


Happy New Year from S*Birmastans

Kalle and Julia wish everybody a Happy New Year!

Kalle på Spången (b21) and Hemma hos Julia (a21) like the Easter Egg, but it's not yet time to wish a Happy Easter. They are six weeks old and absolutely sweet. The photo is by Lena Pettersson and together with her and the cats we wish all of you a Happy New Year from Birmastan's.


Five weeks old today

Kalle, 5 weeks Julia, 5 weeks

Last Wednesday (Dec. 21), Kalle and Julia turned five weeks old, and to celebrate the day they posed for a photo. Kalle (left) and Julia (right) look promising even though we will have to wait a little bit more before we can say how they develop.

Lena tells ut that Julia has tasted baby food, but not Kalle. Julia has also been seen visiting the cat litter box.


Almost four weeks old

Kalle, 3 weeks 6 days Julia, 3 weeks 6 days

The whole litter

Our Restaurant litter is four weeks old tomorrow, and today we paid them a visit at Lena's home. We are sure about their colours now, Kalle is chocolate tabby and Julia is blue tabby. She looks a bit like their father while he looks more like their mother.

In the upper row, you see Kalle to the left and Julia to the right, in the large photo it is the other way around.

(We found their names in different places, by the way. "Kalle på Spången" is an old Swedish movie that takes place at the Spången restaurant in Skåne – that we have visited – while "Hemma hos Julia" was a café in Kungsholmen, Stockholm, that closed a year or two ago.)


A Sunday excursion to Strängnäs

The male, 11 days The female, 11 days

We managed to squeeze in a visit to Lena in Strängnäs today, to see Miraʼs litter. Both kittens look very promising and the female (right, above) is most likely blue or blue tabby. The male is very lightly coloured and may well be lilac like his mother.


Ten days, and now our eyes are open

The boy climbing outOur November kittens are ten days old today, and their eyes are open. The photo shows the male climbing out of their little igloo – he did, however, quickly change his mind when mother Mira came and returned into the igloo to eat instead.

Lena tells us they are already playing with each other. The weights are quite good: he 235 grams, she 234. (We have never reported their weights at birth, so here they are: he 95 grams, she 100. Both of them have grown steadily from day one, so it is obvious that Mira has food in abundance this time too.)


Frosty Rose gave birth to two kittens last night

Frosty Rose's second litter

Last night S*Sacred Heartʼs Frosty Rose (Mira) gave birth to her second litter, two well built kittens were born in the home of her foster mother Lena Pettersson. The father is Lenaʼs male IC S*Birmastanʼs Amorgos. It looks like we have one male and one female.

Congratulations, Lena!

As a prospective buyer, you are welcome to contact us via the Internet, but we do not sell kittens without having had a personal contact. You are welcome to leave a notification of interest but you cannot reserve a kitten before 8 weeks of age. This is due to that we cannot judge the quality of the kittens earlier than so.

We are members of the cat club Top Cat which is part of the Swedish Cat Breeder's Assocation (Sverak). And of course we adhere to Sverak's rules (Swedish only!) for selling kittens. When delivered, a kitten must be

  • at least 12 weeks old
  • inspected by a veterinarian
  • vaccinated twice

All our kittens have been bathed, to get used to it, and we deliver them chipped and with a pedigree and a personal, printed photo book with pictures from their first twelve weeks.