News from Birmastan's


Yesterday we received the confirmation for Fräset's show in January.


Today we received the confirmation for Järva's show. It has been a while since the last show so we are really looking forward to two days in Haribohallen.


On June, 8, our Strokkur, who nowadays lives with Agneta Ehrenholm in Örebro, became the father of two kittens at S*Tjugesta's cattery. The mother is S*Wilda Gladan's Ebba, a lilac tabby queen born in 2008.
Strokkur's next litter is due at Shinseina's in a few weeks, with Agneta's bluepoint female Zazzi (CH S*Tjugesta's Calypso) as the mother.


Pärlan is three years old today – congratulations! And of course a big Thank you to her breeder Annika.


We've had to skip a few shows this spring but there is no way we will miss Järva Kattklubb's show in July! It will be a small family reunion with Pärlan, at least two Birmastan kittens and, last but not least, Lena with her Mira. First show in over a year for them.


We received the confirmation for Stockholms Kattklubb's show today. We will be there with Pärlan on Sunday.


What, me a diva?

Pärlan received two CACS

Strokkur with Agneta

Strokkur with his owner Agneta.

Having been absent from the show circuit since June, 2011, Pärlan returned to shows in Örebro this weekend and was rewarded with two CACS certificates. Her judge on Saturday was Raymond Saetre, who called her a DIVA, and on Sunday Annelie Persson said she was ”incredibly sweet”.

We also had the pleasure to meet two Birmastan kittens in Örebro. Saturday, Pärlan's and Beppe's son Strokkur was there and on Sunday we got to see Kalle from our Restaurant litter. They both received Ex1's.


Julia, who is now Vanilj, and her kitten pal Choklad blog about their life together, with some help from Suzanne.


Our Restaurant litter moves out

Kalle and Lennart Julia and Suzanne


Strokkur just gets more handsome

Strokkur, five months

Photo: Mats Winges

We received this greeting from Agneta, who recently took Strokkur to a photographer. He weighs 2700 grams now, she says, and is totally the sweetest cat. Like his father, he is apt to meow to remind everybody that he likes to sit in a lap.


A promenade with Birmastan's

A walk with Beppe and Pärlan

Last Sunday, we went for a walk with Beppe and Pärlan in their ”baby carriage”, and is sure looks like they enjoyed it.


Today we have updated our Litter page and published the photo-books for the Iceland litter.


Kalle reserved, will move to Gävle

Kalle's first bath

Kalle, fresh from the bath

Above is Kalle på Spången taking his first bath, just minutes after being reserved by Ingegerd Alm from Almgrynet's cattery. And left is how he looked after the bath and accompanying hairdryer session.


Beppe is three years old now

Beppe resting on his birthday

GIC Jeanbaptiste came into our home in late March, 2009, and since then he has been a joy to us. The only cat we have had who really enjoys cuddling in a lap. And today is his third birthday. Congratulations!


”Do not disturb – I have retired”

Beppe rests Beppe rests

Says Beppe, ”I have traded my passion for my pension.”

As a stud, Beppe was passionate enough that Pärlan often had bite wounds in her neck. Since being neutered, he relaxes and appreciates other good things in life. Such as sleeping with a pillow under his head, for instance.


On 13th December, 2005, three little Birmans were born at S*Kattla's in Uppsala. The females in that litter, Blixtra and Dundra, were the first Birmans we bought. We named them Betty and Wilma, and they laid the foundation for Birmastan's cattery.
Today is their sixth birthday; we want to congratulate them in their new homes, and also extend a heartful Thank you to Emma for letting us buy them.


Greetings from our Icelanders

Strokkur in a Christmas cap Gullfoss found a toy

Photo: Agneta Ehrenholm and Michelle Ryrström

Much to our delight, both our Icelanders have sent photo greetings from their new homes. Left above we see Strokkur, now called Morrie, getting ready for Christmas. Agneta tells us he showed very good patience while she prepared the photo session. His sister Gullfoss – Nellie – has quickly befriended Michelle's other Birman and the two cats both play and sleep together.


Fräset's show in January was overbooked, and unfortunately our cats – we had entered both Pärlan and her Iceland litter – were among the ones not admitted. So we will have to look forward to shows later this Spring instead, for instance Nerk and Stockholm's Kattklubb in March.


Strokkur says goodbye

Agneta picking up Strokkur

Agneta picked up Strokkur today, and took him home to Örebro. We will see him again at Fräset's show on the first weekend of January, and his sister will be there too.


Gullfoss moved out today

Gullfoss with Michelle and Johan

Today Gullfoss moved to her new family, Michelle and Johan in Nacka. They have another Birman, an 18-month old neutered male, to keep her company. We will meet her again at Fräset's show in January.

Strokkur stays with us until Thursday. Lacking his sister, he will have to resort to playing with daddy for a few days.


Frosty Rose had two kittens today

Frosty Rose's second litter

Early this morning S*Sacred Heart's Frosty Rose (Mira) gave birth to her second litter, two well-built kittens. Their father is IC S*Birmastan's Amorgos, who was also the father of Frosty Rose's first litter.

We believe it is one male and one female, and we will be back with more information as soon as we have it.

(The newborns will show up on the kitten page in due time. Until that time, we have updated the page with a few new photos of the Icelanders.)


Strokkur was reserved today. He will move to Örebro, to Agneta Ehrenholm who has SE*Shinseina's cattery.


We have new photos of the kittens, who are now seven weeks old.


Time for the first bath

Strokkur's first bath

Today the kittens were subjected to their first bath, and it was predictably not their favourite moment in life. Strokkur in particular kept meowing and Pärlan came rushing into the kitchen to see what was going on. Soon all the cats calmed down and we could both wash and dry the kittens without incidents. The hair blower was a bit frightening but it offered warmth and dryness so it was tolerated.

The photo shows Strokkur wrapped in his towel after the bath.


Hi Dad!

Strokkur says hi to Beppe

Strokkur says Hi to daddy, very carefully.

Today is Sunday and we have new photos up on the kitten page.


Resting on layers of culture

The kittens have climbed high

The downside of leaning a rolled-up mat against the bookshelf is this: kittens climb up. (Something very similar happened with last year's litter.)

And tomorrow they will be five weeks old!


The kittens in their crib

Our kitten cage

We have new photos on our kitten page again.


We have a new photo on the kitten page: the little ones have begun to look out of their igloo. Tomorrow they will be three weeks old.


IC S*Birmastan's Yabba-Dabba-Doo, our firstborn

IC S*Birmastans Yabba-Dabba-Doo

Last weekend we went to see Christina's daughter in Åshammar outside Sandviken. Her family has two cats from our first litter, the Flintstones, born in April 2007. Yabba-Dabba-Doo went for a walk in the beautiful Sunday weather and we rushed to get the camera – as you can see, she is still a very beautiful cat.


Gullfoss is soooo cute

Gullfoss, 10 days

Time flies – in this photo, Gullfoss is ten days and weighs 234 grams. She and her little brother (who seems to be lilac, by the way) are pretty advanced. They have begun to climb out of their little pen, so we will probably have to bring up the cage shortly.

Both kittens have round heads, but it is still a bit too early to say anything about their points.


We have an Iceland litter

This time we have chosen names for our kittens from among the wonders we saw when we visited Iceland this summer. The female, our firstborn, will be named Gullfoss af Island after a gorgeous waterfall while the male receives his name Strokkur af Island from one of Iceland's great geysirs.

You can find more info about the kittens, along with recent photos, on our kitten page.


Two sweet kittens born today

Pärlan's second litter

Two kittens were born today, at 4am and 4.50am. The first one weighed 80 grams and the second 110. Pärlan delivered the first herself but we had to help her with the second because it was stuck. Both are eating well now and here is the first photo of the new family.


Today we have updated our Litter page and finally finished Otto's photo-book.


After eight litters (and number nine on its way), GIC Jeanbaptiste is now a neutered male.


Leo Ex1:a at Linköpings Kattklubb's show

Leo and Lone Lund We went to Linköpings Kattklubb's show today, together with Gabriela and her Leo, in order to show Leo. He received an Ex1 in class 12, just like at the Järva show in July, and his judge Lone Lund gave him a lot of praise.

As you can see, Leo made himself at home on the judge's table.


It seems like Frosty Rose isn't expecting after all, so we will not have a litter in Strängnäs in August as previously announced. However, we fully expect Amorgos and Frosty Rose to make another attempt shortly, so stay tuned.
Pärlan is pregnant as planned, so we hope to have a litter at home in early September.


Eventful in Gävle

Isis' litter, 2 weeks

Photo: Maria Wahlström

The kittens in Gävle are quickly growing up. Isis' litter, the oldest, is now three weeks old and the little ones long to get out of the box that is the only home they have known so far. (Although in the picture above, they are still only two weeks.)

For more information about Isis' and Benelli's kittens, please contact their breeders Maria and Björn via


Beppe has two newborn litters in Gävle

S*Skönhetens Isis with her four kittens S*Itzybitzys Benelli with her two kittens

Maria Wahlström and Björn Lundmark, breeders from Gävle, brought their two females to Beppe in early May and the results recently arrived. Last week CH S*Skönheten's Isis (SBI c21, lilac tabby) had a litter with four kittens and on Monday this week CH S*ItzyBitzy's Benelli (SBI a21, blue tabby) gave birth to two kittens. As far as we know today, there are four males and two females.

The photos above show Isis' litter to the left and Benelli's to the right.

If you are interested in a kitten from one of these litters, please contact Maria by mail or call +46 70-556 24 08.


Leo Ex1 with an excellent judgment


S*Birmastan's Otto I the Great, called Leo by his owner Gabriela, was shown for the first time at Järva Kattklubb today and he passed the test with flying colours. He was a bit cautious in the morning when everything was new to him, but he relaxed in the afternoon after the judgments and began to play like a kitten. His judge was Åsa Hammarlund, and she did like him very much.


A few days ago the confirmation for Järva's show arrived. Something to look forward to.


Pärlan became GIC in Latvia

Pärlan became GIC in Cēsis

This weekend we took Pärlan to a show in Cēsis outside Riga, with excellent results. A CAGCIB on Saturday meant that the Grand International Champion (GIC) title was home and then she followed up with a certificate in Class 3 (CACS) on Sunday.

Arrangements were good and the exhibition was generally well-organized. The main difference compared to exhibitions in the Scandinavian countries was the distribution of breeds: category 3 was significantly greater than category 2, and within category 2 Maine Coon was the most common breed – more than 50 cats, compared with ten Birmans. (And of these, only one from the host country, the other Birmans arrived from Finland and Estonia. And one from Sweden of course.)


Otto has moved to Gabriela and Staffan

Staffan and Gabriela greeted Otto

Otto is 12 weeks old now, and he has moved to his new family – Staffan Liljegren and Gabriela Guibourg. They live in Södermalm, Stockholm, and will provide a very good home for Otto. Staffan works a lot from home so Otto will not have be alone very much.

The first reports say that Otto is playing and that he has quickly made himself at home.

Otto's new name is Leo, and he has been entered in Järva Kattklubb's show on July 17. The plan is to show him a couple of times and also let him have a few litters.


Here's to Pärlan, two years old today

Pärlan, two yearsToday, we say congratulations to our Pearl, IC S*Toscabelle's Exotic Pearl, who turns two years. A very kind and cuddly cat who also seems to be getting more and more playful, the older she gets. In addition, she is a dear family member and an excellent cat mom.

Once again thank you Annika for letting us buy her!


A letter arrived ...

S*Birmastan's Maritza with her second litter

Photo: Dorota Kochalska

The other day we received a greeting from our Maritza (the River litter, summer 2008), who lives with Dorota Kochalska in Poland. Maritza had her second litter in early April, one seal tortie girl and two seal girls. The father is SC Arash Winni*PL, just like her first litter.


Dry food rather than wet

Otto in clinch with his food

Otto is ten weeks old now, and his eating habits have become more "adult" as the impending move to his new home approaches. He has no problem eating dry food, as long as it is his preferred brand, but the favourite snack is absolutely minced meat that Lena keeps in the freezer in kitten-sized helpings. Wet food is no hit, though.

You can find a couple of new photos on the kitten page too.


Pärlan has had another rabies vaccination today, in preparation for the show in Cesis (Latvia) in four weeks. The old one was valid for three years, which the Latvians won't accept; their show rules say that the vaccination can be at most one year old. So now Pärlan has two vaccinations in her passport, the old one that expires in December 2012 and the new one that expires in June 2012.


Otto was booked today

Gabriela has reserved OttoOtto will move to Gabriela (who is holding him in the picture) and Staffan in Stockholm. They intend to take him to a few shows and hopefully use him for breeding too.


Last Sunday Otto turned six weeks and we have a new photo on the kitten page.


Otto is five weeks

Otto, five weeks Mira in her igloo

Otto has moved out to the kitchen, together with his mom and of course the favourite bed: the igloo. He spends most of his time playing with mum, climbing into Lena's lap and all the other little things that kittens do. He is totally charming and very promising for shows.


Hi mom?

Otto resting in Lena's arms

We have been in Strängnäs, together with Mira's breeder Ellinor Åkerström (Sacred Heart's cattery), and we all fell in love with Otto who is anything but a little baby. He weighs 512 grams and walks like a duck on his short chubby legs.

However, Otto is neither lilac nor blue. He is chocolate. Ellinor is convinced that he will become a dark chocolate point when he grows up. He has well set ears and his points are of show quality.

More pictures on the kitten page.


Pärlan CAGCIB no 6 and 7

Raymond Saetre handling Artemisia

Raymond Saetre handles Artemisia during Saturday's panel

We spent two days at Sydkatten's show in Malmö together with the family Lord and Artemisia. Pärlan received CAGCIBs number 6 and 7 which means that we will have to take her abroad for her next show, in order to qualify for the GIC title.

Her daughter Artemisia received Ex1 both days, with very good judgments, and on Saturday she was also nominated to the panel.

Friday evening's dinner table

We thank the Lord family for their hospitality and delicious dinners.


Otto is two weeks old today and we have new pics on the kitten page.


CAGCIB and BIV for Pärlan today

Pärlan at Stockholms Kattklubb's showPärlan received two prizes at Stockholms Kattklubb's show today: one for the CAGCIB (her fifth) and one for being selected as best bluepoint adult Birman. She was also close to being nominated but lost this to a chocolate point Birman from Finland.

Pärlan was judged by Maud Olsen Johansson, who gave her an excellent judgment.

We entered Pärlan in Sunday's show too, but we have decided to take a day off instead, resting in preparation for Sydkatten's show in two weeks.


Otto nine days old (left) and eleven (right)

Otto, 9 days Otto, 11 days We went to see Lena and Otto today, and he is developing quickly. Earlier in the afternoon, he opened his second eye, and he weight 265 grams. He is also very calm when handled, and this goes for Mira too. She watches from a distance but seem very relaxed.


Otto is growing healthily

Otto, 4 days oldWe went to see Lena in Strängnäs yesterday and Otto had already grown to 153 grams, 35 more than his birth weight. Lena had to feed him manually a few times in the first days before Mira's milk started flowing, but now everything is in order.

Otto looks great, with a well rounded head, and we think he is blue.


The confirmation from Sydkatten arrived today, even though the show doesn' take place until 9-10 April. Artemisia from our Oelandica litter will also be shown there, so we are looking forward to seeing her again.


Kaiser Otto is born!

Otto, newbornToday, Skatten's and Mira's first litter was born and it consists of exactly one kitten.

The expected date was 10th of March, but nothing happened on that day nor the days after. Today, on the 68th day, Lena took Mira to Strömsholms Animal Hospital where they recommendend a caesarian operation as the x-rays showed a kitten in a very strange position, blocking the way. We agreed to the operation and a boy weighing 118 grams – our largest kitten so far – was born. Afterwards, the vet said he was exhausted and probably wouldn't have survived a normal delivery.

What better name for this kitten than S*Birmastan's Otto I the Great, after the German-Roman emperor from the 10th century?

Welcome, Otto!


Today we received the confirmation for Stockholms Kattklubb's show 26-27 March.


Pärlan received two CAGCIB's in Gävle

At Gestrica Kattklubb's show(s) this weekend, Pärlan received her third and fourth CAGCIB's, both days in competition with another bluepoint female.

We spent a mini-vacation in Gävle, staying for two nights at the Hotel Winn in the downtown area. A very nice hotel that we definitely recommend.


Kittens due in about two weeks

Mira is soon due Our Mira (S*Sacred Heart's Frosty Rose) will have kittens in about two weeks, and she has the belly to prove it. The father is IC S*Birmastan's Amorgos, who so far is acting pretty cool about it.

Please let us know if you are interested in a kitten. Expected colours are lilac, chocolate, seal or blue, in solid or tabby variants.


GIC Jeanbaptiste's and Nellie's litter at S*Solskiftets

S*Solskiftets Ebba Flora S*Solskiftets Kaan
S*Solskiftets Esmeralda S*Solskiftets Blue Moon

Today we visited Helena Fällman (S*Solskiftet's cattery) and her four kittens after GIC Jeanbaptiste and Nellie. They were born on November 25. Kaan (upper right) and Esmeralda (lower left) are bluepoint and both are also reserved, while the sealpoints Ebba Flora (upper left) and Blue Moon (lower right) are available.

Ebba Flora is of show quality with perfect, symmetric points.


S*Birmastan's Artemisia BIV-T both Saturday and Sunday in Tierp!

Pärlan with her prizes Artemisia and her decorated cage

Sofia Lord and ArtemisiaThe shows in Tierp on January 8 and 9 were a smashing success for our lilacpoint kitten S*Birmastan's Artemisia Oelandica. It was her first show, she is still in class 12 (kittens).

On Saturday, Artemisia's judge was Veikko Saarela who awarded her an Ex1 and also a BIV in competition with two beautiful adult cats. He nominated her to the panel, too. Sunday she was judged by Anette Engvall and she became BIV again, against the same cats as the day before, but lost the nomination to a Norwegian Forest Cat. Artemisia lives with Sofia Lord, who's holding her in the photo to the left, and Sofia's husband Daniel in Ljungbyhed in Skåne – obviously we hope to see her at more shows in the future.

IC S*Toscabelle's Exotic Pearl received her first CAGCIB Saturday and Sunday she had her second. She was also awarded a BIV and a panel nomination on Sunday.

Jeanbaptiste has been to a lot of shows during 2010 with very good results. Now he's a bit tired of this so we have decided to let him take a break from shows. He is still a very beautiful cat though, and we hope he will want to be back on the show circuit later.

The everyday (winter)life of a cat breeder


Cats and change

Pärlan on the cupboard

A fascinating thing about cats is the way they notice everything in their surroundings. If we just move a chair, they are there at once, sniffing and trying to find out what is going on.

In this case – see the pic above – we decided to move the photos of our grandchildren from a cupboard in the hallway to the wall. Just minutes after we were done, Pärlan arrived. She sat for a while on the floor and studied the photos on the wall, then she jumped up on the cupboard to confirm that the photos had in deed moved. Then she coul lie down and relax.


Today we received the confirmation for Uppsala Kattklubb's show in Tierp January 8 & 9 – both Beppe and Pärlan were accepted to the show.


Pärlan IC at Birka's show

Pärlan IC Lena with Amorgos

This Saturday, Pärlan received a CACIB at Birka Kattklubb's show, and Sunday she received another one together with her IC title. Her judges were Aase Nissen from Denmark and Lee Selassa from Holland.

S*Birmastan's Amorgos was also present at Sunday's show and was awarded his first CAGCIB from Kristiina Rautio (Finland).

Our next show(s) will hopefully be in Tierp in January. We will show both Pärlan and Beppe, and their daughter Artemisia will also be there. We are really looking forward to meeting Artemisia again, she will be five months old by then.


Beppe's latest litter

Nellie and her litterOn November 25, Beppe's latest litter was born in the home of Helena Fällman (S*Solskiftet's cattery) in Sigtuna. The mother is Mira ("Nellie" in her pedigree), a sealpoint, and the kittens weighed between 106 and 124 grams at birth. Please send a mail to Helena if you are interested in a kitten from this combination.


Full score in Åbo

Four certificates in one weekend

Cats asleepWe had a really great show weekend in Åbo. Saturday Beppe took his Grand International Champion title, together with a BIV medal, while Pärlan became Champion. We spent the night at the Scandic Plaza hotel downtown, where they served a fantastic dinner, and Sunday the cats received two more certificates; a CACS for Beppe and a CACIB for Pärlan.

After Sunday's judgments, Beppe was totally exhausted. Pärlan walked over to his cage and began to lick him, but he still didn't as much as look up. So instead she fell asleep next to him, as you can se on the photo. They are so sweet, our cats.

All results from the show are, as usual with Finnish shows, available at this awesome site.


Amorgos is now Lena's cat

Having fulfilled his contractual duties, IC S*Birmastan's Amorgos has been transferred to Lena Pettersson in Strängnäs.

Amorgos, or Skatten as Lena calls him, will still be available for breeding. Please contact Lena by mail or by calling +46 73-54 52 593 if you are interested.


Beppe's 7th CAGCIB and Pärlan and Mira has two CAC's each

Pärlan after two CAC's at Järva Mira after two CAC's at Järva

We are very satisfied with our weekend at Järva Kattklubb's show. Beppe received his 7th Swedish CAGCIB while Pärlan and Mira received two CAC's each. This was Pärlans first show after eight months on "maternity leave".

We hope Beppe and Pärlan will qualify for their titles (GIC and CH, respectively) in Åbo in two weeks. Mira will take a break from shows as we intend to mate her in the beginning of 2011.


New web host: Binero has moved to a new web host, Binero. Hopefully, the only difference will be faster loading of our web pages, but please let us know if anything seems to be missing or broken.


Photo-books of the Oelandica litter

Today we ordered photo-books for the Oelandica kittens. The books will be sent to the buyers as soon as we receive them, in about two weeks. The books are also available for downloading on our litter page – Enjoy!


Greetings from Artemisia

Artemisia in her carriage We received a greeting from Artemisia and her new family earlier this week. Sofia tells us Artemisia is growing healthily and now weighs 1489 grams. She is very playful and gets along very well with Stella, the family's daughter. And, strangely enough, whenever Stella pushes her doll carriage around, Artemisia comes running and jumps in for a ride.

We are happy to hear that Artemisia is doing so well, and it is obvious she is having a good time riding in her carriage.


Confirmed: Järva's show

Yesterday we received the confirmation for Järva's show November 13-14. We'll be there with three cats – Beppe, Pärlan and Mira (Frosty Rose). This will be Pärlan's first show in eight months and also her first as an adult female, which we of course look forward to with excitement.


Helianthemum moves to Järfälla

Helianthemum in Katarina's lap Today it was Helianthemum's turn to move out. Her new family, Roth, consists of Ann-Mari, Risto and their daughter Katarina (in the photo, with Helianthemum) and also the three-year old Birman Freja. The Roths live in a house in Järfälla and they spend their summers in the countryside in Kuopio in eastern Finland.

Helianthemum quickly took in her new surroundings while Freja studied her with curiosity, so everything seemed OK. Helianthemum's new name, by the way, is Hera.

While it is sad to see the kittens leave, and our apartment feels empty, we are thankful that both of them have found laving homes.


Artemisia moves to the family Lord in Ljungbyhed

Artemisia and her new family

For personal reasons, Christine Granmo in Norway chose not to buy Artemisia. We had several interested buyers but first in line was Sofia and Daniel Lord in Ljungbyhed in Skåne, who had fallen seriously in love with Artemisia. They intend to take her to shows and also let her have a litter.

The family also includes Stella, Daniel's and Sofias' two year old daughter.

We know Artemisia has found a loving home, and we hope to see her and the Lords at many shows in the future.


CAGCIB for Beppe in Uppsala

Beppe received his sixth CAGCIB at Uppsala Kattklubb's show today. He has taken all of them in Sweden so he needs two more, at least one of them abroad, before he can have the GIC title. His judge Charles Spijker liked his eyes and setting of his ears – among other things.


Two weeks today

A tiny seal tabby boy

Tyra's and Beppe's kitten turned two weeks today. It is a little boy, he weighs 308 grams now and judging from the photo he is a seal tabby.


Skatten's fourth litter

Skatten's fourth litter: one kitten Mother Tyra with her own kitten and the adopted one

On September 23, Skatten's fourth litter was born in the home of Lise-Lotte Svensson in Fågelfors. Mother Tyra (IC S*Tinywiny's Yra Yersinia) gave birth to a single kitten but she quickly adopted one more from Lise-Lotte's other female who had had five kittens a few weeks earlier.

Please contact Liselotte if you have an interest in her kittens.


Beppe and his daughters

Beppe and his daughters

The kittens have begun to compete with Beppe for the top spot on one of their scratchpoles, but as we all know: size matters. Helianthemum slept on the top shelf when her big and somewhat clumsy father jumped up too. When he saw her, he licked her a few times and then laid himself down on top of her. We had to gently coax her out from under him to save her from suffocating.

As you can see in the photo, she stayed with him for a short while before jumping down to her sister Artemisia.

As usual, we have more info about the kittens and also a few more photos, on the kitten page.


Artemisia is reserved, too

Artemisia will move to Norway

Artemisia was reserved today, so now both Oelandica kittens have found a new home. Artemisia will move to Christine Granmo in Farsund in southern Norway. Christine has two Birmans already, one blue tabby male and one blue female, so there will be a lot of cats in the family.


Helianthemum is reserved

Helianthemum will move to Järfälla

Ann-Mari and Risto from Järfälla came to visit us today, together with their daughter, to see Helianthemum. They fell for her at once, so now they have reserved her and she will move to Järfälla in a few weeks. The household consists of the three family members and also Freja, a three-year old female Birman.


The Oelandicas have found their place under the sun

Posing on the scratchpole

Yesterday the kittens demonstrated that they are now able to climb the sofa. The inevitable next step will be the window behind the sofa, where they will have a first view of the world outside our apartment. As they grow older, life gets easier for their mother – she no longer cares if they are out of sight. But as soon as they squeak, she comes running to find out what has happened.

Artemisia is the most talkative of them and also the most active, while Helianthemum leads the way when it comes to climbing.


We have occupied the living room, too!

Oelandica almost seven weeks

The Oelandicas will be seven weeks tomorrow, and they have climbed over the barrier we erected last weekend to keep them out of the living room. So now they are at home in the living room, too. Yesterday Ellinor Åkerström Borg (S*Sacred Heart's, breeder of Pärlan's mother – and the litter's grandmother – Dixie) came over to have a look, and she liked both of them.

Both kittens are of the right type and the combination of Pärlan and Beppe has turned out to be a good one. Both have massive boning, good weight and a wonderful temper. Artemisia is of show and breed quality, what we can see so far, but Helianthemum has a front runner and this is why we sell her as a pet.

Please let us know if you are interested. Our first priority is always to make sure the kittens come to good homes with lots of love.


Father and daughter on the scratchpole

Beppe and Helianthemum on the scratchpole Beppe and Helianthemum on the scratchpole

Now, isn't this the sweetest thing you ever saw? We found father Beppe together with Helianthemum, on the scratchpole. She was asleep and Beppe jumped up and laid himself down besides her. It was so cute, we just had to bring out the camera.

It is actually the first time we have seen him sleeping together with any of his kittens.

N.B. New pictures on the kitten page, too!


A playroom for the Oland litter

Hallen har blivit ölänningarnas barnkammare

The kittens moved out of their playpen today, into the hallway and kitchen. They had found out they could climb out of the pen on their own, so it was about time. We have decorated their new home with a multitude of toys and poles, litterboxes and of course food and water.

The increased living space was an instant success, and they quickly made themselves at home. On our part, we enjoy having the kittens in our laps when we have breakfast.


Excellent results for Beppe and his second litter

Mate Eva with Kummin and mother Doris Yvonne with Kanel and Korint

Beppe received his fifth CAGCIB at Gestrica Kattklubb's show today and his second litter, Kryddkullen ("Spices"), received Ex1's. All kittens received good judgements, as did Beppe. Kummin, the seal tortie kitten, was also awarded a BIV. Their mother, S*Birmastan's Vardaris (Doris), celebrated her first show with a CAC.

The photo above left shows Eva Woodhouse, owner of the litter, with Kummin and mother Doris. To the right is Yvonne with Kanel and Korint; she has bought both kittens and they moved home to her after the show.

Beppe and Korint were judged by Michael Edström while Henry Hornell judged Doris and Kummin and Karl Preiss Kanel. We do hope to see some of the kittens in other shows.


The kittens' playpen

Christina and the little ones

Today we raised the kitten's playpen in our living room. The Oelandicas have about 1,5 square meter to explore, enough room to have both food, litterbox and a small scratchpole. And of course their favourite piece of furniture, the igloo they've been in since they were one day old.

Mate paid a visit to the playpen to celebrate and was duly welcomed. It wasn't long before both kittens were crawling around in her lap.

There are some new pictures on the kitten page as well.


Three weeks old and discovering the world

The Oelandica litter, peeking out

Our litter is three and a half week now, and they are discovering the world around them step by step. Artemisia is the more curious of them, as you can see in the picture, and Pärlan isn't very happy about this. This morning when Artemisia was out, Beppe came forward and began sniffing. She countered by crawling in under him, in search of food, and he hastily backed off.

We have tried to feed them corn puree but so far only Pärlan has tasted it.

There are new pictures on the kitten page too!


New photos of the kittens

See the kitten page.


Summer vacation photos

Photos from our three weeks on Öland are now published in the gallery. You are guaranteed to find both kittens and awesome nature there!


The litter will be named after unique Öland flowers

Helianthemum Oelandica Artemisia Oelandica

We proudly present S*Birmastan's Helianthemum Oelandica ("Ölandssolvända") and S*Birmastan's Artemisia Oelandica ("Alvarmalört"). Oelandica is Latin for "from Öland", which is very suitable since these kittens were born on the Öland island. The flowers we chose for names are also endemic to Öland; Helianthemum is even Öland's official province flower.

Our little miracles are 9 days old now. They have just recently began to open their eyes and they weigh 230 (up 140) and 236 (up 144) grams. We believe they are both girls.


Back home from Öland

Mother Pärlan resting Satisfied kittens

Pärlan gave birth to two kittens on Öland, during our vacation. She had two weeks to go when we left Stockholm and we stayed on Öland for three weeks. Both of our cats have enjoyed the opportunity to go outside; we had to keep Beppe on a leash but Pärlan has been free to go. We trusted her to not take any long trips and she didn't. She stayed close to the house all the time.

The trip home, with mother cat and two kittens in the car, took six hours and ten minutes, with just two stops. The kittens were silent so we assumed that they found the situation acceptable.


Show confirmations

Showtime again: we have received confirmations from both CityCatClub (Aug 14-15) and Gestrica Kattklubb (Aug 29).


We have kittens!

The Öland litter

They have arrvied at last, the world's sweetest kittens – in our opinion, at least. Three little babies were born on 26th July; the first was unfortunately stillborn but the other two weighed 90 and 92 grams, and we think it is one male and one female. Pärlan has been a very good mother and both babies have gained weight already.

The proud father, our own Jeanbaptiste, has not yet met his kittens.

We will post more info here later.


Beppe's second litter, almost five weeks

Kanel Kummin Korint

Today, we met with Eva Woodhouse to sign off the registration papers for her litter after Beppe: Kanel (SBI g), Kummin (SBI f) and Korint (SBI a). Their mother is Eva's Doris (S*Birmastans Vardaris, SBI f).

All three kittens look great, with round heads and show quality points. Korint has been reserved but the other two are for sale; please contact Eva if you are interested.

They will be shown, individually and as a litter, at Gestrica Kattklubb's show on August, 29. Their parents will also be there.


Frosty Rose NOM, Beppe CAGCIB and Bella SC

Mira selected as judge's best

A wonderful show weekend! S*Sacred Heart's Frosty Rose (Mira), shown above, was selected for the panel in Class 11 while IC Jeanbaptiste (Beppe) received his second CAGCIB. Last but not least, S*Birmastan's Barbamama (Bella) received her Supreme Champion title! She's the first cat from our cattery to reach that goal – congratulations!

Our next show will be in Järna (City Cat Club) on Aug 14 & 15. We have entered both Mira and Beppe for this show.


Beppe's second litter, three and a half week old

Kanel (blue tortie) Kummin (seal tortie) Korint (blue)

There ought to be a law against being this sweet, right? These three girls after S*Birmastan's Vardaris (Doris) and IC Jeanbaptiste (Beppe) are named Kanel (SBI g), Kummin (SBI f) and Korint (SBI a), and they are really super sweet. Korint has the best markings but they all have white toes and the gauntlets also seem to be where they should be. We hope to see them at shows later.

If you are interested in a kitten, please contact their breeder Eva Woodhouse in Åkersberga.


We are expecting kittens after Beppe and Pärlan! More info under Plans.


Amorgos' third litter: we're all little seal tabbies ...

Valentino (male) Stella (female)
Louis (male) Hugo (male)
Chloé (female)

Yesterday we went to see Helena Nieckels in Lidingö and her kittens (Amorgos' third litter) who are now five weeks old. Five wonderful kittens, and as you can see in the photos above they are all seal tabby points. From top left, they are

  • Valentino (male, RESERVED) – Stella (female)
  • Louis (male) – Hugo (male)
  • Chloé (female)
Chloé has the best type. She may not have perfect socks but all toes are white and her gauntlets are where they should be. Stella has perfect points. All of them are beautiful and they are very sociable. They will be ready for delivery by the end of July; please contact Helena if you are interested.

Pedigree – the inbreeding is 0% in four generations and 1,22% in nine generations.


We have received the confirmation for Uppsala Kattklubb's show next weekend in two weeks.


Congratulations to Pärlan, who celebrated her first birthday yesterday!


Beppe's second litter was born on May 19

Three little kittens

On the 19th of May, Beppe's second litter was born to S*Birmastan's Vardaris (Doris), a seal tortie (SBI f). She gave birth to three big babies, weighing from 105 to 112 grams.

Please contact their breeder, Eva Woodhouse in Åkersberga, if you are interested in any of the kittens.

Pedigree – the inbreeding is 0% in four generations and 1,12% in nine generations.


IC S*Birmastan's Amorgos' third litter, two weeks old

One (male) Two (female) Three (male)
Four (male) Fiver (female)

Amorgos'/Skatten's third litter was born on 30th April, so the five kittens were two weeks old today when we visited them. They haven't gotten their names yet so we call them One, Two, Three, Four and Fiver, and the photos above are in that order. Two and Fiver are females, the other three males, and it looks like they all are seal tabby points. All of them look quite good even though it is too early to tell if they are of show quality. We'll know more about that later.

Mother cat is Tiffany (S*Litlamin's Undis) and she and the kittens live with Helena Nieckels in Lidingö.

Pedigree – the inbreeding is 0% in four generations and 1,22% in nine generations.


Beppe received his first certificate towards the GIC title

Beppe with his badge
Beppe with his badge

Today at Fräset's show in Uppsala, IC Jeanbaptiste (Beppe) recieved his first certificate towards GIC, a CAGCIB with a very good judgment from Dorte Kaae.

A great thank you to the organizers who, unlike most Swedish shows, published updated results frequently through the day!


Yesterday the confirmation arrived for Fräset's show in Uppsala next weekend.


Volcano eruption prolonged our vacation

The whole family (except the photographer)
The bus that brought us from Thessaloniki to Hamburg

After a fantastic vacation together with Christina's children and their families (all in all nine people) in Agadir in Morocco, the Iceland volcano erupted and forced us to stay in Agadir for two more days.

On Saturday night, April 17, we began the long journey home. It began with a four-hour flight to Thessaloniki in Greece where we boarded buses for a trip through what was once Yugoslavia. The buses lacked working toilets and border crossings were both hour-long and terrible as we drove through Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and finally, on Monday morning, into Austria. We stopped for a few hours in the Austrian town of Graz where the drivers rested. In the afternoon we were back on the road for Hamburg, which we reached on Tuesday morning. We changed over to Swedish buses in Hamburg and came to Stockholm close to midnight on Tuesday – we had been 75 hours on the road!

Pearl and Beppe stayed at home during the first week, together with a "cat-sitter", but after that they were placed in different foster homes for a few days. We thank both the Gustin family and Sylvia Pettersson for their help.

After this trip we really needed some rest, as did the cats, so we decided to drop out of Perserkatten's show this weekend. We'll meet in Uppsala two weeks later instead.


Frosty Rose's first show: Ex1 and Best litter!

Frosty Rose Frosty Rose

Our Frosty Rose (Mira) made her show debut last Sunday at Birka Cat Club, and what a debut!. Her breeder Ellinor brought the whole litter to the show and they won a BIS for best litter! In her individual judgment Mira received an Ex1.


Beppe is IC

Beppe with his pink badge

Beppe became International Champion this weekend, at a show in Åbo (Finland), with an excellent judgment.

This was Birmastan's second visit in Åbo (last year, Yabba took her IC title there) and we definitely recommend this show. There is plenty of room both at check-in and around the cages, and everything runs smoothly. They also publish the results online the same day – hats off to the Finnish cat federation, which Pekka Kangas, who provides both the server and the technology for this!


Today we received the confirmation for Birka Kattklubb's show on Easter Day (4th April). This will be the first show for our little Frosty Rose, she will be shown both with her litter and individually. Exciting!


Pearl Ex1 at Stockholms Kattklubb's show

Pearl resting

Today Pearl received another Ex1, this time at Stockholms Kattklubb's show in Sundbyberg. Her judge Raymond Saetre was extremely happy with her beautiful face and body, but she lost the BIV to a younger half-sister and the nomination to a Norwegian Forest cat that went on to become BIS (and Junior Winner, JW, since this was her fifth BIS). Saetre said Pearl's points were not fully developed yet, but he wrote SUPER in her judgment and decorated it with lots of hearts.


Beppe's babies: now three weeks

SE*Edling's litter

Photo: Viktoria Edling

The female (in the middle) has already been reserved but the two males are still available.


Today Lena Pettersson brought Frosty Rose home from Ellinor. Lena tells us everything has gone well and that Rose's new name is Mira.


Beppe's babies are two and a half weeks old

Two of the kittens

Photo: Viktoria Edling

SE*Edling's litter after our Beppe and Dahlia (S*Birmastan's Pebbles) is two and a half weeks old now. The litter consists of one female and two males, and they all look absolutely wonderful. Please contact Viktoria if you are interested in buying a kitten.



We received the confirmation for Stockholms Kattklubb's show on March 14 last week, and today the confirmation for the show in Turku (Åbo) on March 27 and 28 arrived by email.


Welcome Frosty Rose!

Sacred Hearts Frosty Rose Sacred Hearts Frosty Rose

We have reserved a sweet little girl, S*Sacred Heart's Frosty Rose. She is lilac and was born on December 8. She will live with Lena Pettersson in Strängnäs together with our male IC S*Birmastan's Amorgos.

Thank you Ellinor, for letting us buy her!



Jeanbaptiste became a father today

Pebbles with her litter

Photo: Viktoria Edling

Today CH Jeanbaptiste's first litter was born, three fat kittens weighing 114, 100 and 116 grams. Their mother S*Birmastan's Pebbles (Dahlia) is exhausted but also happy, just like the breeder Viktoria Edling (cattery: SE*Edling's)


Jeanbaptiste received his second CACIB and Pearl became NOM + BIV-T

Beppe resting outside his cage

CH Jeanbaptiste (Beppe) won his second CACIB today and thus cannot be shown in Sweden. S*Toscabelles Exotic Pearl (Pearl) did it again. She was nominated to the panel for the third time in five shows and was also awarded BIV-Total, in competition with, among others, a female in Class 5 and two females in Class 9. Our cats were judged by Maud Olsen Johansson at Nerikes cat club show in Conventum, Örebro.

The next show for Pearl will hopefully be at Stockholms Kattklubb on March 14. We are still waiting for the confirmation.


Birmastan's Thiamis is champion


S*Birmastan's Thiamis from the River litter of last summer, who moved to Zhamanen's cattery in Finland, has become a champion. She took her first CAC in 2009 and the two remaining came at a show in Helsinki on January 9-10. We congratulate her, and her owner Mariia!

Photo: Mariia Touronen


IC S*Birmastans Amorgos and Alice's litter is seven weeks now

The whole litter
Lyckofén Simba Lyckofén Isadora Lyckofén Tingeling

We visited Diana Eriksson (Lyckofén) today, to fill out the registration forms for her litter. From left, the kittens are Simba (male), Isadora (female) and Tingeling (female). The girls are lilac tabby and the boy lilac.

If you are interested, you can contact Diana by phone (+46-8 767 54 98) or mail